2006 Iris Show

The 2006 Iris Show was held at the Zilker Botanical Garden Center on Sunday, April 9. There were 15 exhibitors and 110 entries.

The following winning entries included:

Queen of the Show (Best Specimen) Best Louisiana / Best White -- Acadian Miss, Marney Abel

Runner-up / Best Spuria -- Clara Ellen, Don & Pat Freeman

Best Black -- Zulu Chief, Carolyn Gifford

Best Blue -- Victoria Falls, Mike Renfro

Best Brown -- Bronze Beauty, Carolyn Gifford

Best Gold
-- Frenchmen Street, Jim Landers

Best Orange -- Orange Popsicle, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Pink
-- Persian Berry, Jim Landers

Best Purple -- Tiger Blues, Don & Pat Freeman

Best Red
-- Ida Red, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Violet -- Now and Forever, Carolyn Gifford

Best Yellow -- Laura Louise, Carolyn Gifford

Best Amoena Clarence, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Bi-Color -- Imprimis, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Bi-Tone -- Ice for Brice, Pat Byrne

Best Blend -- Afternoon Delight, Patricia Colacino

Best Bulbous
-- Oriental Beauty, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Plicata
-- Cinnamon Girl, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Seedling
-- CL4, Jim Landers

Best Space Age --
Ice for Brice, Pat Byrne

Best Tall Bearded
-- Cinnamon Girl, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Artistic Design
-- Pastels Are Perfect (Table for Two), Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Silver Award and Certificate
(for the most blue ribbons) --
Carolyn Gifford

Bronze Award and Certificate (for the second-most blue ribbons) --
Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Queen of the Show winner
Marney Abel

Bronze Award winners
Charlie & Sonja Hensley
I r i s   S o c i e t y   o f   A u s t i n
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