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Runner-up --
Mango Passion

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2011 Iris Show

The 2011 Iris Show was held at the Zilker Botanical Garden Center on Sunday, April 10. There were 14 exhibitors and 95 entries in the Horticultural Division, 14 entries in the Artistic Division, and 2 entries in the Educational Division.

Pictures of the 2011 Show can be viewed here:

The following winning entries included:

Queen of Show (Best Specimen)/Best Blend/Best Space Age
     ‘Thornbird’ – Patricia Colacino

Runner-up of Show/Best Tall Bearded/Best Orange – ‘Mango Passion’ –
     Stephanie Sheridan

Best Plicata – ‘Cinnamon Girl’ – Charles and Sonja Hensley

Best Red – ‘Sinister’ – Tracey Rogers

Best Yellow – ‘Casino Cruiser’ – Don and Pat Freeman

Best Blue – ‘Just Pretending’ – Charles and Sonja Hensley

Best Bi-Color – ‘Wild Prairie Sunset’– Roger Abel

Best Violet – ‘Ice for Brice’ – Charles and Sonja Hensley

Best Purple – ‘Holy Suicide’ – Don and Pat Freeman

Best Pink – ‘I Wuv Woses’ – Jim Landers

Best Black – ‘Crimson Light’ – Charles and Sonja Hensley

Best Brown – ‘Tobacco Chew’ – Marney Abel

Best White – ‘Skating Party’ – Marney Abel

Best Historic – ‘Mme Cherie’ – Marney Abel

Best Amoena – ‘Crow’s Feet’ – Marney Abel

Best Louisiana – ‘Delta Honey’ – Don and Pat Freeman

Best Artistic Design - “Texas Two-Step,” Pat Freeman

Artistic Sweepstakes - Pat Freeman

Silver Award and Certificate (for the most blue ribbons) - Charles and
     Sonja Hensley

Bronze Award and Certificate (for the second-most blue ribbons) -
     Marney Abel

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