Best Specimen --'Thornbird'
Runner-up --'Dandelite'
2012 Iris Show

The 2012 Iris Show was held at the Zilker Botanical Garden Center on Sunday, April 8. There were 18 exhibitors and 81 entries in the Horticultural Division, 1 entry in the Seedlings Division, 14 entries in the Artistic Division, and 1 entry in the Educational Division.

Pictures of the 2011 Show can be viewed here.

The following winning entries included:

Queen of Show (Best Specimen)/Best Tall Bearded/Best Space Age/Best Blend
– ‘Thornbird’ – Tiffany and Tony Sheridan

Runner-up of Show/Best Yellow – ‘Dandelite’ – Don and Pat Freeman

Best Purple - ‘Dark Watch’ - Katherine Abel

Best Violet - ‘Henry Rowland’ - Pat Byrne

Best White - ‘Alabaster Unicorn’ - Donna Little

Best Brown - ‘Spice World’ - Jim Landers

Best Louisiana - ‘Dossier’ - Jaime Hadley

Best Pink - ‘Passion Play’ - Marney Abel

Best Blue - ‘Rebecca Anne’ - Charles and Sonja Hensley

Best Orange - ‘Orange Flirt’ - Charles and Sonja Hensley

Best Bi-Color - ‘Glamour Pants’ - Tiffany and Tony Sheridan

Best Plicata - ‘Floor Show’ - Charles and Sonja Hensley

Best Black - ‘Crimson Lights’ - Charles and Sonja Hensley

Best Seedling - ‘Lady of Lometa’ - Jim Landers

Best Artistic Design - ‘Dancing in the Rain’ - Pat Freeman

Artistic Sweepstakes - Nelda Moore

Best Educational Exhibit - Nelda Moore

Silver Award and Certificate (for the most blue ribbons) - Don and Pat Freeman
Bronze Award and Certificate (for the second-most blue ribbons) - Charles and Sonja Hensley

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