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2006 Iris Show
Queen of the Show winner
Marney Abel

Bronze Award winners
Charlie & Sonja Hensley

The 2006 Iris Show was held at the Zilker Botanical Garden Center on Sunday, April 9. There were 15 exhibitors and 110 entries.

The following winning entries included:

Queen of the Show (Best Specimen) Best Louisiana / Best White -- Acadian Miss,
     Marney Abel

Runner-up / Best Spuria -- Clara Ellen, Don & Pat Freeman

Best Black -- Zulu Chief, Carolyn Gifford

Best Blue -- Victoria Falls, Mike Renfro

Best Brown -- Bronze Beauty, Carolyn Gifford

Best Gold
-- Frenchmen Street, Jim Landers

Best Orange -- Orange Popsicle, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Pink
-- Persian Berry, Jim Landers

Best Purple -- Tiger Blues, Don & Pat Freeman

Best Red
-- Ida Red, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Violet -- Now and Forever, Carolyn Gifford

Best Yellow -- Laura Louise, Carolyn Gifford

Best Amoena Clarence, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Bi-Color -- Imprimis, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Bi-Tone -- Ice for Brice, Pat Byrne

Best Blend -- Afternoon Delight, Patricia Colacino

Best Bulbous
-- Oriental Beauty, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Plicata
-- Cinnamon Girl, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Seedling
-- CL4, Jim Landers

Best Space Age --
Ice for Brice, Pat Byrne

Best Tall Bearded
-- Cinnamon Girl, Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Best Artistic Design
-- Pastels Are Perfect (Table for Two), Charlie & Sonja Hensley

Silver Award and Certificate
(for the most blue ribbons) -- Carolyn Gifford

Bronze Award and Certificate (for the second-most blue ribbons) -- Charlie & Sonja