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2015 Iris Show

The 2015 Iris Show was held at the Zilker Botanical Garden Center on Saturday, April 11. There were 23 exhibitors — 21 exhibitors and 156 entries in the Horticultural Division, 8 exhibitors and 10 entries in the Artistic Division, and 1 exhibitor in the Educational Division.

Pictures of the 2015 Show can be viewed here:

Best Specimen of Show, Best Tall Bearded, Best Space-Age - ‘Al’s Gal’ - Ellen Singleton

Runner-up to Best Specimen of Show, Best Red, Best Louisiana - ‘Rhett’ -
          Don and Pat Freeman

Best Blend
- ‘Devil David - D. Boyle

Best Violet - ‘Lady of Lometa’ - Don & Pat Freeman

Best Orange - ‘Thai Orange’ - Tracey Rogers

Best Gold - ‘Glitter Gulch’ - Don & Pat Freeman

Best Blue - ‘Ty Blue’ - Ellen Singleton

Best Plicata - ‘Jeanne Clay Plank’ - Dara Smith

Best Multi-Color - ‘Flights of Fancy’ - Donna Little

Best Purple - ‘Hocka Hoona’ - Stephanie Sheridan

Best Historic - ‘Persian Berry’ - Nelda Moore

Best Intermediate Dwarf Bearded - ‘Red Hot Chili’ - Dara Smith

Best Bicolor - ‘Cosmic Elegance’ - Dara Smith

Best Bitone, Best Brown - ‘Rustler’ - Don & Pat Freeman

Best Amoena - ‘Scatterbrain’ - Stephanie Sheridan

Best Pink - ‘Beverly Sills’ - Ellen Singleton

Best White - ‘Dural White Butterfly’ - Don & Pat Freeman

Best Yellow - ‘Notta Lemon’ - Carolyn Wylie

There were 78 1st-place blue ribbons awarded in the Horiticulture Division

Silver Medal and Certificate (for the most blue ribbons - 20) - Don and Pat Freeman

Bronze Medal and Certificate (for the second-most blue ribbons - 9) - Jaime Hadley
Special Award for the Best Specimen Hybridized in Texas - ‘Al’s Gal’ -
     Hybridized by Tom Burseen
'White Heron'
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'Al's Gal'