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Carolyn Gifford with her Best Gray entry "Ozone Alert" at the 2007 Show
           In My Garden

                    by Carolyn Gifford

I walked in my garden, a bud is there.
Each day I inspect to see how far it grows.
It's early March, the progress is very slow.
A few warm days bathe it with tender care.
I'm waiting, do you see me standing there?
The rains wash Mother Earth's milk to her soul.
Then one day, I see it's open, oh, oh, oh!
This iris name, this first one, her beauty to share.
"Happy New Year", a name befitting the scene.
She begins another year of my irises in bloom.
You know there's more to come very, very soon.
She's first in line to make my heart sing,
"Winter's over, it's spring, spring, spring!