At Hollis and Linda's Ranch near Carrizozo (Saturday, July 28)

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2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion
That afternoon, most of us drove up to Ruidoso to see Billy and Martha (Struve) Barrick.  Billy had his paintings on display at the Ruidoso Arts Fair.  (See Rodney Goebel's pictures on separate pages.)  On the way, Jim, Eva, and I stopped at the Ruidoso Cemetery and spent a few minutes at Grossmama and Grosspapa's grave.  The art show was in the convention center just across the highway from the cemetery.  Everyone enjoyed seeing Billy and Martha and his paintings, and the show itself was colorful and entertaining.  Jason Morris tried to talk me into spending $65 for a splendid photograph of two young foxes, but I resisted.

That afternoon back at Hollis and Linda's, Annie Lee and John Nelson stopped by to drop off some food, but they couldn't stay.  John gave several us framed copies of his humorous profile of the red fox, and Ronnie and Ophelia especially enjoyed reading it.  We had a big barbecue dinner that evening.  Then Rodney Goebel shared with us his recollection of a story told to him that our great-grandfather Fritz Fuchs had been married once before, and that his wife and two twin boys died during childbirth.  As he talked, another rainstorm threatened, but it seemed to go away.  When it got dark, we resumed my DVD program, but suddenly a fierce wind blew over the screen and then it really poured.  We were going to continue, using the TV in the living room, but Hollis, Erek and Nathan set up the screen and chairs out in the large shop.  There was a lull in the rain, and we all rushed over to the shop and saw the program in a movie theater-like setting.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it.
Ken and Eva take a moment to reflect at the Ruidoso Cemetery.
This is as serious as Ethan can get.
Steele shows his grandmother one of his photos.
Jason, Angela, Brianna, and Alanna
Toby, Jennifer, and Terry
Ron studies John's profile of the red fox.
Ophelia learns a thing or two about foxes.
Rachelle and Brad, just a few days before their first anniversary
Emma and Erek
Hollis and Linda's 12' x 70' back porch
The 2007 Reunion in full swing
Eva, John, Brad, and Rachelle
Time for barbecue
As usual, Ken is ready to eat.
Rodney Goebel shares a family secret.
Erek checks out the evening downpour.