Lone Star State 2008
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Setting Up -- Registration

On Saturday, April 12, Jim Landers and I drove down to Austin and took seven large pots with irises to the Omni Hotel Southpark on Governors Row, one block east of I-35, located several miles south of the Colorado River, where we placed them around the fountain in front of the hotel.  Sunday afternoon we returned to Austin and checked into the hotel.  One of the potted irises was already in bloom, and five of the others were just beginning to bloom.

We set up the registration tables Monday morning, and from that time on there was no slowing down.  Thankfully, Rita Gormley from Iowa, Nyla Hughes from Missouri, and Patsy Rosen from Arlington, Texas, and others from our own local society took over and helped run the registration tables while I was busy making new labels and keeping records.  I had my computer, a scanner, and our old printer on the first table, and I stayed busy all week

2008 AIS Convention Headquarters -- Omni Hotel Southpark in Austin, TX
Potted irises about to bloom
Baditude (2001) by Tom Burseen
Registration tables before set up
George and Margaret Sutton, Jim Landers (convention co-chair)
Patsy Rosen, Helen and John Kinnamon at the Registration Tables
Irene and Bob Annand purchase raffle tickets from Debbie Strauss
Nelda Moore admires Kitty Lack's  bonnet girl quilt donated for the raffle
Co-Chair Pat Byrne consults with Patsy Rosen, and Jim Landers chats while Margaret Ann Smith looks for a registration packet
Helen and John Kinnamon at the Raffle Table
Ken Fuchs welcomes Dorothy Willott
Ken Fuchs discusses registration with Debbie Hughes, co-chair of the 2009 convention in Kansas City
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Photos by Ken Fuchs and Jim Landers, 2008.
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