Lone Star State 2008
The Simulated Iris Show

At the request of some attendees for a training session for apprentice judges, a simulated iris show was held on Wednesday.  Members of our local society brought in specimens from their own gardens to be used in the show.  While there were only about two dozen entries on display, the show itself was well received and attracted admirers all day.

Almost every attendee that we talked to said it was one of the best conventions ever, and our hotel had excellent facilities.  The entire staff went out of their way to help us with any requests we made.  We had 399 people who actually attended the meetings and banquets or went on the bus tours of the gardens.  They came from thirty-six states representing twenty-three of the twenty-four regions.  There were also attendees from Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and Switzerland.

Simulated iris show on Wednesday
Simulated iris show on Wednesday
Simulated iris show on Wednesday
Simulated iris show on Wednesday
Margaret Ann Smith inspects a convention bag.
Elke and Nick Longsworth
Ken Fuchs and Don Freeman
Don Freeman and Paul Gossett
Gordon Green checks his name badge as John Lamb looks on.
Alex Stanton and Ken Roberts
Brad Kasperak says a few words to Kelly Norris before going home on Wednesday.
Jim Landers shares convention ideas with Debbie Hughes.
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Click on the pictures to see larger images.  Photos by Ken Fuchs and Jim Landers, 2008.