Lone Star State 2008
Garden Tours -- The Marney and Roger Abel Garden

We had eight buses, and the tours of the guest gardens were on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Unfortunately, we had a lot of very warm weather in March and early April, and many of the gardens were already past their peak bloom periods.  There were three gardens in the immediate Austin area.

The Marney and Roger Abel Garden in Austin had the most spectacular setting of any of the gardens on tour.  It is a backyard garden, and the Abelsí ornate home is located on a sloping lot with winding paths and multiple garden plantings bordered by white Texas limestone.  A lovely fountain with sculptured dolphins and a beautiful swimming pool added further elegance to their garden.  Another special attraction was Seeger, Marney and Rogerís beautiful Akita, which looks ferocious, but was gentle and submissive when Marney brought him out side to greet some of us as we were about to depart.  Marney has also served as the president of the Iris Society of Austin for the past two years.
The tour buses arrive at 7 a.m. Thursday.
Conventioneers are eager to board their buses.
Red Bus #2 captains David and Susan Kraemer
People on Red Bus #1 wait for the buses to depart.
Blue Bus #1 is ready.
Char Holte and Rose Kinnard, Will Plotner and Chuck Bunnell
Entering Marney and Roger Abels Garden
At the Abel Garden
Louisiana irises in the Abel Garden
A Texas bunny in the Louisianas
The bunny
The bunny's admirers
An iris bed in the Abels' back yard
Mike Renfro, Tom Burseen, and Don Freeman
Refreshments in the Abels' back yard
Glenn Grigg chats with host Roger Abel.
ISA members Pauline Guerrero and Patty Reeh
Marney Abel introduces her Akita Seeger to Jordan Stirling.
Seeger and Tom Burseen
Saying good-bye on the Abels' front driveway
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Click on the pictures to see larger images.  Photos by Ken Fuchs and Jim Landers, 2008.