Lone Star State 2008
Garden Tours -- Brushy Creek and The Natural Gardener

The Brushy Creek Community Center Garden is located in Round Rock, about fifteen miles north of Austin.  It is located behind the Brushy Creek Community Center and is actually a xeriscape under the supervision of horticulturist Rachel Hagan.  Besides irises, the paths in the garden were lined with multitudes of Texas wildflowers.

On the day we visited these gardens, we had a typical Texas barbecue lunch at the Western Hills Church of Christ, supervised by Denise James of Austin.  The church is located very near John Dromgoole’s Natural Gardener.

The master planting garden was at John Dromgoole’s Natural Gardener, a popular commercial nursery in Austin.  The large garden was designed and overseen by Roger Igo, John Dromgoole’s Grounds Supervisor, as well as Iris Society of Austin long-time members Charlie and Sonja Hensley.  Charlie also served as the Gardens Chairman for all of the guest gardens.
Horticulturist Rachel Hagan at the Brushy Creek Community Garden Center Garden in Round Rock
Rachel Hagan and Will Plotner
In the Brushy Creek Garden
Oma Ogle photographs some of Tom Burseen's TB's in the Brushy Creek Garden
Nancy and Ron Thoman on the left  (Photo by Judy Nunn)
Shirley Trio gets a close-up view of some guest irises
More irises in the Xeriscape section of the Brushy Creek Garden
Rachel Hagan, Tom Burseen and Judy Nunn (Photo submitted by Judy Nunn)
Lunch break at the Western Hills Church of Christ
Rose Faessler leads the way to get some barbecue.
Texas barbecue -- a crowd pleaser!
Denise James serves the barbecue.
Good eats and good fellowship
Lyda Guz and John Dromgoole at The Natural Gardener
Grounds supervisor Roger Igo
Charlie and Sonja Hensley, Roger Igo at The Natural Gardener
Tom Burseen and Jordan Stirling (Photo by Judy Nunn)
Ken Fuchs and Roger Igo (Photo by Judy Nunn)
At The Natural Gardener
At The Natural Gardener
At The Natural Gardener
At The Natural Gardener
A purple martin condominium overlooking the master planting (Photo by Judy Nunn)
Purple martins on guard
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Click on the pictures to see larger images.  Photos by Ken Fuchs, Jim Landers, and Judy Nunn, 2008.