Lone Star State 2008
Garden Tours -- The Schroeder Garden and the Murphy Garden

We drove seventeen more miles south of San Marcos to New Braunfels, one of the original German settlements in Texas.  After lunch at Ryan’s Grill, we continued six miles east to The Lee and Sandy Schroeder Garden at the Schroeders' Springen Horse Farm on Link Road.  A special feature in this garden is a whimsical folly or garden house built in the style of Owl’s house in the Winnie the Pooh books.  Horses and goldfish swimming in the horses’ water troughs added to the uniqueness of this garden.

The Ed and Janet Murphy Garden, the most distant garden, is located near the old town of La Grange in Fayette County, about 65 miles east of Austin.  The garden itself is beautifully laid out, consisting of many raised beds bordered by large white limestone blocks, and a small lake provides a perfect background for the garden.  In its center stands a large gazebo built of cedar timbers with a tin roof.
Lee and Sandy Schroeder's Garden at their Springen Horse Farm on Link Road near New Braunfels
Barry Blyth, Keith Keppel, and Thomas Johnson
Don Freeman and Sandy Schoeder (center) with another conventioneer
The Schroeder Garden with Owl's House in the background
The Schroeder Garden
The Schroeder Garden
The Schroeder Garden
Will Plotner, Debbie Hughes, and Sandy Schroeder
Sandy Schroeder's horses
Goldfish in the water trough
Sandy Schoeder's personal garden
Rose Faessler from Switzerland rests on a mushroom
Buses arrive at the Murphy Garden near La Grange
Ed Murphy and one of his shar peis
Nelda Moore and Janet Murphy
Raised beds in the Murphy Garden
The Murphy Garden
The Murphy Garden
Judy Nunn, Janet Murphy, and Ken Fuchs
Panoramic view of the Murphy Garden
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Click on the pictures to see larger images.  Photos by Ken Fuchs and Jim Landers, 2008.