Lone Star State 2008
Garden Tours -- Garden Judging Training at the Natural Gardener

On Saturday we returned to both the Natural Gardener in Austin and the Murphy Garden near La Grange, where garden judging training was held in both gardens.  While many attended the training sessions in the guest garden at the Natural Gardener, others enjoyed snacks and took advantage of the shade inside the refreshment tent.

Bonnie Nichols (with back to camera) conducts garden judging training on Saturday at the Natural Gardener
Gary White conducts a training session
Jerry Hoke's training session
Shirley Trio conducts her training session
Bonnie Nichols and her training group
Hooker Nichols conducts his training session
ISA member Debbie Hood serves coffee
Nelda Moore listens as John Baker discusses the 2010 convention in Madison, Wisconsin.
Rev. Charles Deacon enjoys a moment of solitude; Pat Otterness and Ledra Mohrmann on the right.
Ken and Charlie Hensley take a break.
Nancy Thoman shows off her handiwork.
Jim Landers shares a laugh with Richard and Patricia Wurtele.
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Click on the pictures to see larger images.  Photos by Ken Fuchs and Jim Landers, 2008.