Lone Star State 2008
Lunch at the Swiss Alp Grill

On Saturday we returned to both the Natural Gardener in Austin and the Murphy Garden near La Grange, where garden judging training was held in both gardens.  A number of attendees chose not to take the long bus ride back to La Grange, but we had already arranged for lunch at the Swiss Alp Grill, an old Western-style dance hall and grill just a few miles south of the Murphy Garden.  The dance hall provided authentic “Texas” atmosphere and we all had a grand time there.  A professional photographer had a very gentle longhorn steer beside the dance hall and people lined up to have their picture taken sitting on it – for $11.  We weren’t allowed to take pictures of it ourselves.
The Swiss Alp Grill
The Swiss Alp Grill
The Swiss Alp Dance Hall
Co-Chair Pat Byrne awaits the buses at the Swiss Alp Grill
Rear view of the Swiss Alp Grill and Dance Hall
Lining up for lunch
Looking for space for your next party?
Swiss Alp lasagne and salad
Texas-style lasagne for lunch in the dance hall
John and Helen Kinnamon, MaryAnn Holman
Marlene Harrell, Anthony Lange, Oma Ogle, and Barbara Marchant
Barbara Marchant, Debbie Strauss, and Sylvan Sigler
Dennis Hager (right) with John and Helen Kinnamon
Red Bus Captains Jim Landers, Nelda Moore, Susan and David Kraemer with John Kinnamon
LeRoy Meininger and Dorothy Willott, Dan and Peggy Cathey behind Dorothy
Gary White and LeRoy Meininger
Shirley Trio and Happy Carver
Irene and Bob Annand
Gordon Carver, Pat Byrne, and Paul Gossett
Our Schulenburg Chamber of Commerce tour guide on the phone as Paul Gosett chats with Beth Alley and Will Plotner
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Click on the pictures to see larger images.  Photos by Ken Fuchs, 2008.