Lone Star State 2008
The Painted Church at High Hill

There are five historic Painted Churches in the area around Schulenburg and La Grange, and we made arrangements for a tour of one of them for people who opted not to visit the Murphy Garden again, where Hooker Nichols conducted Louisiana iris garden judging training.  A woman from the Schulenburg Chamber of Commerce met us at the Swiss Alp Grill and served as our guide.  We visited the church at High Hill, built in 1902 by German Texans, and its interior was painted by German artisans from San Antonio.  The columns and much of the interior look like marble, but they are made of wood and very masterfully painted to look like marble.  The delicate paintings on the ceiling are actually painted on canvas that was adhered to the wooden ceiling. Those early German settlers in the area must have come from south Germany, which is predominantly Catholic.

St. Mary Roman Catholic Church at High Hill
St. Mary Roman Catholic Church
Our tour guide points out the history of the church.
The ornate interior of the church
The church altar
Painted canvas ceiling of the church
Painted arches
The pulpit
Wooden columns painted to resemble marble
Painted column and ceiling
The choir loft
Stone crucifix, 1901
Jesus Christ be praised!  In the Cross is Salvation.
St. Mary Roman Catholic Church at High Hill
St. Mary Roman Catholic Church at High Hill
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Click on the pictures to see larger images.  Photos by Ken Fuchs, 2008.