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[IMG]00 Adolf Fuchs family 1875 00.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]00 Adolf Fuchs family 1875 08.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]002d older barricks 02 600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]002d older barricks 600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]006e Ewalee 1938 600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]00lightbrownbanner.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 2k
[IMG]010f3-S.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]013c Ruidoso 1941.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]014o4-S.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]014t 1942 600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
File03.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 10k
File03024.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]0325-27bb.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]04-04-30 X 005b.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]04-05-11 Meeting X 007.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]04-05-11 Meeting X 007b.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]04-05-11 Meeting X 015 NeldaM-2b.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]04-05-11 Meeting X 015 NeldaM-3.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
File04-109 Head Table-b.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 9k
File04-109b Head Table.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 10k
File04-153 Best of Show-b.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 8k
File04-153b Best of Show.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 9k
File04-162bb.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 7k
[IMG]04-23 X 012b.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]04-23 X 026b.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]04.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 7k
File0402-08.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 9k
File0402-08b.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]046 Dom von Norden 1917 b2.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]048 Domschule 1928b.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]04bgc.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]05-04-20 X 018.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]052c2-S.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]052f1-S.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]05Cem 001.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]06-03-23 Cemetery X 001.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]06-03-23 Cemetery X 007.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]06-03-23 Cemetery X 026.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]06-03-23 Cemetery X 029.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]06-04-07 X 007.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]06-04-09 Iris Show X 0831b2.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]06-04-09 Iris Show X 0831c.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]06-04-09 Iris Show X 1051b2.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]06-04-09 Iris Show X 1051c.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]06-04-09 Ken_01.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]06-05-22 Portland 041b.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]06-05-22 Portland 041c.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
File07 Fritz and Theodora Fuchs X2.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]08 Adolf and Hermann X3.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]096 Domschule 1800 XY4.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
File10b.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]10j Barrick women 1939 600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 11k
File12-26-01.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 12k
File12-26-04.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 9k
File12-26-11.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 8k
File12-27-08.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 9k
File12-31-11.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 11k
File12-31-14.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]1902 Marble Falls housebuilding 02 X11b.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]1905 Fritz Fuchs family 01 gs XX-2.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]1905 Gertrude c2.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]1909 A. J. Fuchs family 02 card fr XX122.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]1910 Herman Fuchs 1 yr X11.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]1915 Fuchs kids at Marble Falls town house 01 Xgs32.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]1915 Fuchs kids at Marble Falls town house X1c.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 11k
File1915 Fuchs kids Marble Falls 03 X43b.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 7k
[IMG]1915 George in checkered suit at Marble Falls town house.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]1915 Marble Falls Fuchs kids X2.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]1917 A. J. Fuchs family gs XX-1.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]1920 Abernathy neg1b.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]1920 Gertrude and twins Marco and Marion Xgs1.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]1920-09 Herman n twins Xgs3.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
File1920s Fritz Fuchs family reunion 03 X-1.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]1920s Gertrude X-1.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]1920s Mildred and sister Etha.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]1921 EHF tractor-600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 6k
File1922-04-116 Easter Marion n Marco.JPG2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]1923 Easter-600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]1923 Ruby snow-dog-600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 11k
[IMG]1924 Fuchs boys in Colorado River.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 7k
[IMG]1924 Ruby and Myra-600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]1924 Ruby-Lane-600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]1924 Ruby1-600.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 8k
[IMG]1925 Herbert Day and Gertrude Xc.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 10k
[IMG]1925 Herbert Day and Gertrude1.jpg2012-01-15 20:38 9k
[IMG]1925 Ruby in kitchen 600.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 7k
[IMG]1929 School Bus 2d.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 7k
[IMG]1929-08 01 neg X1c.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 9k
[IMG]1930 Fuchs brothers ranch - George.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 5k
[IMG]1930 Fuchs brothers ranch.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 9k
[IMG]1930 Fuchs brothers X2c.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 8k
[IMG]1930s Herman and Cleo.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 8k
[IMG]1930s Rabbit hunters X32.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 8k
[IMG]1930s Ruby and Ewald2.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 9k
[IMG]1934 Ewald-600.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 7k
[IMG]1934 Ruby 600.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 8k
[IMG]1935 Four generations 600.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 10k
File1936 Vernon Army summer dress X3.JPG2012-04-10 05:20 8k
[IMG]1936-08-15 Army Discarge papers 01.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 6k
[IMG]1936-08-15 Army Discarge papers 02.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 7k
[IMG]1936-10 Mildred.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 7k
[IMG]1937-07 George and Mildred.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 9k
[IMG]1939-01 Mildred bathing GR.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 8k
[IMG]1939-04-09 Easter.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 8k
[IMG]1939-08 Sitting Bull Lake 02 X3b.jpg2012-04-10 05:20 9k
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