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In January 2014 the Temple VA contacted the Belton Iris Society about creating iris beds at the new Nursing Home building. The beds have not been created yet and Engineering is willing to work with us regarding soil, etc. This is a project to both beautify the VA and to provide therapeutic opportunities for patients, families, and staff.

The proposed beds are 3 feet by 20 twenty feet and will have two rows of eight irises for a total of sixteen irises per bed.  BIS members will donate irises for these beds.

On Thursday, March 6, 2014, Belton Iris Society members visited the courtyard of a new nursing home complex at the Temple VA.  Jesse Roberts and Susan Decker  of the VA pointed out the grass areas which the Belton Iris Society will turn into colorful iris beds for the enjoyment of VA residents.
Iris Beds at the Temple VA
The Temple VA complex
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On Sunday, March 23, Belton IS President Karen Woods visited the nursing home complex and reported the following: "I measured all the beds and took pictures. They added a couple of sprinklers to the beds and there is metal edging behind the beds, but not in front at the sidewalk. I believe having the metal edging on the sidewalk is a safety hazard in case someone falls."
2014-03-23 Bed 1
2014-03-23 Bed 2
2014-03-23 Bed 3
2014-03-23 sprinkler and dirt close up
On Saturday, May 10, 2014, BIS members Karen Woods, Gale Jacobs, Susan Krauskopf, Dolores Avram, Gary Whitis, Jesse Roberts, Jim Landers, and Ken Fuchs met in the courtyard of the CLC Building at the Central Texas VA Health Care Complex in Temple, TX, and planted 48 different iris cultivars in three new iris beds.

More pictures of the planting at the VA can be viewed here:
BIS Members at the Temple VA, 5-10-2014
Proposed beds will be planted in front of the back wall of the courtyard.
Iris beds will be created in the grassy areas along the sidewalk.
Janet Decker and Jesse Roberts of the VA  discuss the future beds with BIS members.
BIS President Karen Woods inspects a flower box in the courtyard.
Location of the proposed new iris beds at the Temple VA
2015-04-03 VA bed in bloom