Visiting Uncle George at A.J. and Betty's home in Silver City
     (Monday, July 29-30)

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2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion
While we were visiting, Betty told Jim she had something to show him.  In their bedroom were hanging several very large prints.  One was a lovely scene of an iris garden, and Betty stunned Jim when she took it off the wall and gave it to him.  George's caretaker Tammy and another young woman very carefully wrapped the picture in bubble wrap while we sat in the breakfast area and chatted. 

Tammy has mastered a very special talent.  Sophora relates that "early attempts by Tammy and Michelle to make bread having turned out such that A.J. graciously described the results as 'hockey pucks,' she [Sophora] re-wrote the recipe into step format and then guided each caregiver separately through a whole day of the whys and hows of breadmaking while Betty and A.J. were off somewhere in another state. After the hands-on experience, 'Oh, now I get what it is supposed to do,' they have made excellent bread on their own ever since."

For the dinner Sunday evening, we had some of "Mildred's" bread along with the barbecue.  It was delicious and brought back fond memories of that famous bread and our dear aunt.

We went out for dinner at noon on Monday, and George was feeling fit and ready to go.  He said he likes to eat at the Red Barn, but we went downtown to a popular Mexican restaurant.  After we all went inside, we learned we would have to wait for about 25 minutes, so we left and headed for the Red Barn.  Uncle George ordered chicken fried steak, as did Tammy, Jim and I, and Uncle George ate every bite on his plate -- AFTER he had finished his dessert, a large helping of pudding.
A.J. shows off their pantry.
A well-stocked larder.
Tammy (right) and her new assistant wrap the large framed iris print for Jim.
Cousins rap while the caretakers wrap.
2007-04 Fresh bread from the oven (Photo provided by A.J.)
Uncle George tells Eva he likes to eat at the Red Barn.
A.J. and Betty's favorite Mexican eatery.
Onward to the Mexican cafe.
George still would rather eat at the Red Barn.
Good!  The Red Barn at last.
George waits for his chicken fried steak.
A.J. and Betty discuss going out to the cemetery.