Visiting Uncle George at A.J. and Betty's home in Silver City
     (Sunday-Monday, July 29-30)

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2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion
When we went back Monday morning, I began taking pictures of Grossmama's old black iron pot which we all discussed in earlier e-mails.  It now stands beside A.J. and Betty's driveway.  A.J. measured it to confirm that it was indeed larger than the iron pot that Aunt Ruby used to wash clothes in.

As we were admiring Mildred's "Crazy Quilt," made of satin, apparently an unfinished wedding gift for Georgia Ruth, A.J. showed us the back, made of old flour sack material.
A.J. and Mildred's Crazy Quilt
Betty prepares a fine barbecue dinner
A.J. slices some of Mildred's bread
The bread is on the table.  Let's eat!
Eva and Uncle George at the dinner table.
Uncle George has finished his dessert and is ready for some barbecue.
A.J. and Jim discuss Grossmama's old iron pot
Grossmama's old iron pot
A.J. takes some measurements
It's that wide and that deep.
Betty and Eva admire the Crazy Quilt.
A.J. shows off the back side of the quilt.