At Hollis and Linda's Ranch near Carrizozo (Sunday, July 29)

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2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion
On Sunday morning Ophelia, Bennie, and Ronnie as well as Sophora, Toby, Taarna and Steele joined our group at the restaurant for a hearty breakfast.  Since Ronnie, Terry and Jennifer were going on to Lovington later that morning to see Marco, and Jim, Eva and I were going to Silver City to see George, A.J., and Betty, Linda had invited us to come out to their house once again and pick up some of the left-over barbecue and salad to take along.  Linda had everything prepared when we got there, all wrapped up in large zip-lock thermal bags.  We were so grateful, for our evening meals were already prepared.

We had one last gathering, and then after many hugs and good-byes, we all headed out in different directions.  It was a fantastic gathering, and we all look forward to getting together again next year.
Ophelia and her poodle say goodbye to Emma and Jennifer.
The poodle takes Bennie for a walk.
Final goodbyes
Sunday breakfast at Hollis and Linda's
Erek offers a few final words.
Ken takes one more picture.
The Hollis and Linda Fuchs Clan
Ken and Hollis say farewell and look forward to seeing all of you next year.