Visiting Uncle George at A.J. and Betty's home in Silver City
     (Sunday-Monday, July 29-30)

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2007 Fuchs/Fox Family Reunion
Our drive to Silver City was very enjoyable, especially for Jim and me.  We had never before driven the highway between Carrizozo and Tularosa, and it was also our first journey to Las Cruces and Silver City.  Eva had lived in Las Cruces as a child, so she was familiar with the Organ Mountains, which stretched so dramatically before us in the distance as we approached the city.

We arrived at A.J. and Betty's home around 5 P.M. and they were awaiting us.  Uncle George had been expecting us all day, and he was particularly happy to see Eva again.  He looked frail but very good and he had a healthy appetite as we enjoyed the barbecue dinner that Linda had sent along.

A.J. and Betty's house is beautifully laid out with extra-wide hallways and large open areas.  He drew the plans himself, and we were very impressed.  The most stunning feature in the living room is Mildred's "crazy quilt" which decorates one wall.  A.J. took particular glee when he showed us the guest bathroom.  He had deliberately picked out the wallpaper, and Betty chose the shower curtain with an almost identical design.  There is a very unique bird feeder on the front porch.  I went out to the street and took a few pictures of the house.  A large dog with silvery-white eyes was in the driveway watching me.  When I went back inside, A.J. went out and chased it off.

A.J. had lots of old photographs for me to look at, and I scanned a number of them.  One of Mildred's nieces recently had e-mailed me a scanned version of George and Mildred taken on their wedding day in 1936.  But the framed original was on a wardrobe in George's room, and I was surprised to see that it contained very faint color.  I scanned it, too.
The scenic Organ Mountains just east of Las Cruces
The rugged Organ Mountains guarding Las Cruces
804 E. Trailing Heart Drive, Silver City, NM
A.J. and Betty's house and the neighbor's unwelcome dog
Betty, A.J., and Ken
Eva says hello to Uncle George
Hugs are the best therapy.
Three cousins and a beloved father and uncle
A.J. and Betty's extra-wide hallway
A.J.'s shower curtain in the little room in the hallway
A.J. and Betty's front porch
A typically Fuchs birdfeeder