The 2013 Show was held on April 6 at the Clarion Hotel, 801 S. 4th St. at I-35.

     Results of the show can be found here.

     Pictures of the winning entries can be viewed here.

     Pictures of the Artistic Designs can be viewed here.

Eight members of WIS attended Dallas 2013, the A.I.S. National Convention, in April:  Dan & Peggy Cathey, Ken Anderson, Preston Floyd, Bonnie & Hooker Nichols, Jim Landers and Ken Fuchs.
2013 Waco Iris Show Judges
Peggy Cathey receives the award for the Best Artistic Design.
Mike Lowe
2013 Queen's Table
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The Iris Society of Dallas hosted Dallas 2014, the 2014 A.I.S. National Convention, April 5-10, 2014.
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