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Ewald Fuchs and Ruby Barrick (continued)
1929 school bus at the Ranch:  Vernon, Marion, Ewalee, (Marco in cap?), Sherrill, and the teacher Cleo Heidel (our future Aunt Cleo)
Going to School

In his book Marco Fox — My Life, Uncle Marco recalled,

“I’ll tell you now about our little country school, out at High Top, and try to explain to you how we went to school and what we did.  It was just a one-room school and a one-teacher school and she taught the first through eighth grades of school. . .

“George, Vernon, Roland, Marion and I went to school [there] from ’26 to ’33, I think.  I believe it was then when we consolidated with Tatum.  It was fall of ’34 or ’33.  But at this little school we had a man teacher that drove there in an automobile and all of the kids got there by donkeyback or foot or horseback.  We’d walk when it was warm enough, and we had a little hack we’d use with 2 donkeys to go the 3 miles to school and back home.  But after that first year, we had the teacher, and she roomed and boarded at our place, so we used that little hack and donkeys to go to school.  And there was either 2 or 3 years that the only thing that came to our school was either some kind of hay burner, either donkeys or horses or something like that.  There was no vehicle of any kind, only wagons.  It’s not really the way to get your education if you’re really trying to learn something.  But a lot of times I probably learned more in that 3 miles to school, looking them donkeys in the butt than I did while I was there.  Especially, since I had to look them in the butt on the way back home!  That’s the kind of education we got out there.
“Cleo Heidel was the teacher there two years.”

The photo above is one of the treasures found in Aunt Ruby’s crate.