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George Fuchs and Mildred Taylor  (page six)

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Family History
Mildred and George, together forever -- photo by John Fuchs
1997-06-01 Georrge and Mildred celebrate their 60th Wedding Anniversary
2004-7 Mildred
2006-06-01 Mildred and George on their 69th Anniversary
2006-06 Betty shows off Mildred's last quilt
2007-07-27 Sophora displays one of the bound copies of Uncle George Stories
2007-07-29 A.J. sits in front of Mildred's 'crazy quilt' on display in his and Betty's home in Silver City
2007-07-29 Eva and George
2007-07-29 Cousins Eva, A.J., and Ken with George
2007-07-29 George always finished his dessert first
2007-07-30 Eva and George at George's favorite eating place, the Red Barn in Silver City
2007-07-30 At Fort Bayard National Cemetery
2007-07-30 Fort Bayard
2007-07-30 Eva says good-bye to Uncle George
2007-10-11 George, A.J., and Betty at Fort Bayard on Mildred's birthday
2007-11-07 George and granddaughter Barbara on her birthday
2008-02-16 George's Kind of Weather
George and Mildred moved to Gila, New Mexico in1995. On June 1, 1997, they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary. They were still living in Gila when they celebrated their 69th anniversary in 2006. Two months later, on August 3, Mildred passed quietly away.

For years George and Mildred had planned to be buried beside Georgia Ruth in Ruidoso, but George was pleased to learn that he was eligible to find a final resting place in the Fort Bayard National Cemetery, just a few miles from Silver City, where A.J. and Betty lived. Family and friends gathered there for a memorial service on August 7, 2006.

George moved to Silver City and lived with A.J. and Betty at their home there. During the next year, Sophora stayed with George while A.J. and Betty took short breaks and visited their daughter Georgia Ruth Martini, her husband Alan and granddaughters Mary Elizabeth and Ruth Anne in Henderson, NV.

On the first day Sophora realized George’s conversation was not just visiting, but that she was hearing the most wonderful stories of his life and our family’s history, and she began taking notes. With his concurrence, “That’s just what I said,” she transcribed these recollections as short anecdotes and e-mailed them to all the cousins from February through June 2007. In July all the stories were bound into a delightful book called Uncle George Stories and given to all the cousins. They will be treasured by all for generations to come.

[You can read or download a copy of Uncle George Stories in PDF format by clicking
here < George Stories.pdf>.]

George continued living with A.J. and Betty until January 11, 2008, when he moved to Millie’s Assisted Living Center in Silver City. On Saturday morning, February 16, A.J. sent the following message to family, friends, and acquaintances:

"George’s Kind of Weather — After a beautiful 2 inch snow last night, Daddy went to join my Mother and my Sister this morning. His last few days were peaceful and he was able to tell us he loved us on Friday afternoon."

Uncle George and Aunt Mildred, we miss you. You’ve earned eternal places in our memories and in our hearts.