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Herman Fuchs and Cleo Heidel  -- Page 3
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After Herman retired in 1971, he and Cleo moved to Eagle Nest and began a land development there.  The Fuchs Family Reunions began at their home at Eagle Nest in July 1980 in celebration of Herman and Cleo's Golden Wedding Anniversary.

In the 1970s and 1980s Herman and Cleo enjoyed traveling and getting together with the other Fuchs/Fox families. 

Herman died at a retirement home in Taos, New Mexico on July 23, 1994.  Family members gathered at their home at Eagle Nest for a memorial service on August 13, 1994. Cleo lived in Albuquerque until her death on September 30, 2004.
Cleo, Fran, and Herman at home in Albequerque, July 1956
Herman, Orma, and Marco at  the family gathering for Grossmama's funeral, Ewald's farm near Ruidoso Downs, July 1972
Cleo and Fred at Grossmama's funeral, July 1972
Jerry, Teri, Geri, and Frances Knight, December 1973
Herman and Cleo's 1976 Christmas card
Cleo and Herman by their travel trailer, late 1970s
 Herman and Cleo celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary at their home at Eagle Nest, July 1980
Cleo, Herman and granddaughter Teri Knight
Fran, Cleo, Herman, and Fred admire their 50th Anniversary cake
50th Anniversary wedding cake, July 1980
Fred, Herman, Cleo, and Fran, July 1980
Fred Jr., Fred, Geri, Danielle, Herman, Cleo, Teri, and Fran, July 1980
Fran at the 1982 Fuchs-Fox Family Reunion, Capitan, NM, July 31, 1982
Dorothy and Fred, July 31, 1982
Erich and Hollis, George, A.J., and Herman, July 31, 1982
Betty Fox and Cleo, July 31, 1982
Herman and Vernon at the1988 Fuchs-Fox Family Reunion, Capitan, NM
Fran, Cleo, and Fred at Herman's Memorial Service, August 13, 1994
Fred and Fran, August 13, 1994
George, Fred, and Marco, August 13, 1994
Marco, Mildred, Orma, and Ophelia, August 13, 1994
Dorothy and Fred, August 13, 1994
Fran and Jerry, August 13, 1994
Mildred and George, August 13, 1994
Orma, Marco, and Fred, August 13, 1994
Herman and Cleo Fuchs headstone, Lovington City Cemetery
Herman and Cleo Fuchs headstone, Lovington City Cemetery