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Rudolph Fuchs and His Irises
Perhaps most of all, Rudi loved flowers, daylilies and irises and was a member of the Daylily and Iris Societies of Dallas. His 1Ĺ-acre yard on Donna Road was a riot of colors in the spring when his irises were in bloom. He acquired many iris-themed nicknacks for his house. On Jimís first visit to Rudiís home in 1983, Rudi gave him some iris rhizomes, and ever since then irises have been a major part of our lives together. Rudi eagerly attended the American Iris Society National Conventions and made many new friends there. When I began attending the conventions with Jim, older A.I.S. members would look at my nametag and ask, ďAre you related to Rudi Fuchs?Ē Everyone remembered his infectious smile, his sense of humor, and his piano playing.

One of Rudiís closest friends was Marie Caillet, one of the foremost authorities of Louisiana irises, who lived a few miles away. I first met her while visiting Rudi when she walked into Rudiís house carrying armfuls of woven material. She had made curtains for Rudiís house from his own material. The bedspreads in his bedrooms were also hand-woven. Rudi also devised a method for threading his loom with a code based on peopleís names. He then made wall hangings based on names and gave them to friends and relatives. One of my own treasures is a hanging he created for me in 1974 soon after I bought my house.
Rudi at the AIS National Convention in Roanoke, VA, May 1974
Iris Winner at the Fort Worth Iris Society Show, April 23, 1977
Rudi's iris garden, as viewed looking north from his driveway
Rudi in his garden, April 1980
Marie Caillet, the 'Louisiana iris' lady, one of Rudi's closest friends
Rudi with hybridizer Ben Hager in Marie Caillet's garden, 1981
Rudi and Leon Wolford at the 1981 AIS National Convention in St Louis
Rudi and Ken, December 20, 1982
Rudi Fuchs' weaving scheme and wall hanging made for nephew Ken Fuchs, January 1974