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George Fuchs and Mildred Taylor  (page two)

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On June 1, 1937, George married Mildred Árotha Taylor. Their story goes back to the time when George was just seventeen:

“I was about 17; we didn’t marry until we were nearly 25 years old.

“I was considered quite a sheep man; I had quite a reputation for being able to take care of sheep.  All the ranchers around would bring their sheep to our ranch, 10-12 herds.  We would put them together into one herd and I would take them to the railroad.  The size of the herd would always be different, anywhere from 1,200 to 2,000, something like that.

“There would be one man driving the chuck wagon and one man on a horse to help me.  You don’t want sheep to lose weight on the drive.  If they do, it cuts down on their value, you won’t get as much for them.  You can’t rush them.  When I drove sheep they didn’t lose weight.  Every night we built a corral, net wire, steel posts, and let them graze.  I took them about 75 miles, 20 some odd days, to a little town called Elkins, between Roswell and Clovis.

“Then all the ranchers would meet us there and separate out their sheep to sell them.  Somebody, usually one of the ranchers, would do the cooking for everybody. This time Tom Taylor, rancher from Lamey—he had about 25 head—was doing the cooking and, I mean, he made good biscuits!  I said, ‘Mr. Taylor, do you have any daughters?’

“‘Sure do.  I have three daughters.’

“‘Can any of them cook biscuits like this?’

“‘All of them can.’

“‘One of these days I’m going to marry one of them.’  He never forgot that and after Mildred and I were married, he would remind me of it every once in awhile.”

George and Mildred’s daughter Georgia Ruth Fuchs was born in 1938, and their son Alford Joe, better known to all of the family as A.J. Fox, was born in 1940.
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Family History
1942 George and Mildre, Georgia Ruth and A.J.
1920s Mildred and her sister Etha
1935 Mildred in Portales, NM
1936-10 Mildred
1937-07 Mildred and George, married just over one month
1938-09-11 George proudly shows off his two-month-old daughter Georgia Ruth
1938-09-11 Mildred and Georgia Ruth, two months old
1938-09-11 Mildred and Georgia Ruth
1939-01 Mildred gives an energetic Georgia Ruth a bath
1939-04-09 Georgia Ruth's first Easter
1939-06-29 Grossmama and Georgia Ruth
1939-06-29 Georgia Ruth and Grosspapa
1939-06-29 Georgia Ruth, George, and Mildred
1939-08 George and Mildred on a family outing at Sitting Bull Lake; Mildred was pregnant with A.J. at the time
1940-03 Mildred and baby A.J.
1940-07-14 George helps Georgia Ruth celebrate her second birthday
1940 AJ, George, and Georgia in the summertime