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George Fuchs and Mildred Taylor  (page three)

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Family History
1945-08-01 The Harland farm near Biscuit Hill 01
1945-08-01 The Harland farm near Biscuit Hill 02
1945-08-01 Looking WNW from the  front porch on the Harland farm near Biscuit Hill
1945-08-25 A.J., Georgia Ruth, and their cousins play in the Ruidoso River on the Harland farm near Biscuit Hill
1945-09 Georgia Ruth is ready for school
1945-09 Cabbage fields on the Harland farm
1945-10 The Hollywood Inn near Ruidoso
1946-04 A.J. in front of the Hollywood Inn
1945-10 The view from the Hollywood Inn
1945-12-14 Snowed in at the Hollywood Inn
1948-06 Mildred and George in front of Fox Mercantile in Greentree
1948-09 Tippy
1951 Tippy and Georgia Ruth at Fox Mercantile
1951 Georgia Ruth on the steps of Fox Mercantile
1952  George Fuchs, Republican candidate for County Commissioner
1952 George Fuchs, candidate
From 1937 until 1944 George and Mildred lived on several different “places” on the Ranch in Lea County. After Roland's death in 1944, they moved into the big house and Grosspapa and Grossmama moved into the little house next door where Roland and Avis had lived. In the summer of 1945 they moved to the Harland farm in the Hondo Valley in Lincoln County and “bought a little farm from Cecil Harland for $4,200, 9 acres behind Biscuit Hill. Biscuit Hill wasn’t there then. Behind our house there was another little house with two rooms. There was a chicken house, a barn for a milk cow, one milk cow, 9 acres or something like that.”

George and Mildred were very successful business people. In 1946 they bought the Hollywood Inn near Ruidoso, and Mildred nearly worked herself to death washing and cleaning and cooking for their guests, especially the truckers who were snowed in for over a week that winter.

The following spring they bought Fox Mercantile in Green Tree, New Mexico (present-day Ruidoso Downs) and lived there until 1950, when they bought a home in Ruidoso. In December 1952 they leased Fox Cave, the most prosperous and unique curio shop in all of New Mexico.

In 1952 George was elected Lincoln County Commissioner for District 3 and served two terms. “When I ran for County Commissioner in Lincoln County the second term, I didn’t do any electioneering, never gave a speech. I didn’t really care. I figured if they wanted me in they’d vote for me. Otherwise, it didn’t matter. I got the highest number of votes of anybody in the county except the Sheriff and he didn’t even have an opponent. He had a few more votes than me.

“I never understood why, but the governor of the State of New Mexico, Ed Mechem, used to come see me and ask my opinion on certain things. I thought that was quite an honor. Governor would call, ask my opinion. Even came to visit me in Fox Cave.”