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George Fuchs and Mildred Taylor  (page four)

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Family History
1939-01 George in the snow at the Ranch
1939-11-07 George with his first deer of the season
1949 George with Ruth at the Fritz Fuchs Family Reunion in Lubbock
1949 George with A.J. and Ruth on an outing at White Sands
1950 Georgia Ruth, high school student
1950s George and Mildred's house in Ruidoso
1955 George and bear on the porch in Ruidoso
1955 Fox Cave
1956-03 George, Georgia, Mildred, AJ Fox Cave-1b X
1956 The big Fox Cave sign
1955 Fox Cave interior, George in the lower left corner
1956-04 George and Mildred in Fox Cave
1956-04 Max and George in Fox Cave
1956 The Ruidoso Downs purse
1957 Mildred and George in front ot their Ruidoso house
1956-07 George at Arthur Struve's house
Like his father Albano, George enjoyed the outdoors was always a very skilled rifleman and hunter. In the 1950s George especially delighted his many visiting nephews and nieces with gifts of his homemade venison jerky, long before jerky was a common item available at any convenience store. And Mildred always had fresh, homemade bread and rolls whenever those nieces and nephews were hungry.

After Georgia Ruth's life tragically ended in an automobile accident near Ruidoso Downs in August 1956, George and Mildred sold Fox Cave the following year, and he began working for the Forestry Service. In the spring 1961 they moved to Durango, Colorado, where he continued working for the Forestry Service and they also maintained some courts.

In 1977 George and Mildred moved to Pagosa Springs. For many years they served as caretakers for Palisades, a private resort up in the mountains, about thirty miles north of Pagosa Springs. The porch on their cabin was lined with hummingbird feeders. As always, George had a special way with these colorful little creatures and he delighted everyone as he fed them. At their home in Pagosa Springs, George and Mildred enjoyed entertaining their friends and relatives, and George especially liked to show off his snow mobiles.